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Be a Starchik foodie

Who is a Starchik Foodie

In our opinion, a Starchik Foodie is someone who understands what goes into a recipe, someone who understands which ingredients go well together and which don’t.

A Starchik foodie has an ardent or refined interest in food and considers experiencing good food a hobby.

We believe foodie-ism is one of the world's great equalizers, because it allows socially, culturally and economically diverse people to meet on equal footing as they appreciate the merits of various culinary offerings.

Foodies have always known -- that eating is more than just a biological necessity

The Role of a Starchik Foodie  

We at Starchik love innovating and experimenting with our recipes, We have come to realize that delicious dishes are not made overnight, and that the best opinions are those of our customers.

Once a month, Starchik will open its doors for our registered Foodies to feel welcome and enjoy our latest recipes. We always value feedback, and only after the approval of the Foodies will any new recipe be finalized.

We at Starchik are ready to taste any new recipes that the Foodies might come up with. These recipes will be added to the tasting line up and at the approval of the other Foodies, will be bought and marketed by Starchik, with full credit given where it is due. 

In addition, Starchik offers a lifelong 5% cash discount on all Starchik Products for being associated closely with the company.

Starchik Foodies will be promoted as close associates of Starchik at various platforms giving recognition.

To join us as a Starchik Foodie, call us at +91 9849706100

or email starchik.india@yahoo.com

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