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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How do I select items to purchase ?

As you browse through the STARCHIK Online Store, you will find  button below each item displayed. To buy the item, click on the button beneath the item you wish to buy.

2. How do I know what is in my shopping cart ?


After selecting the items you wish to purchase from STARCHIK, you can find the items you have selected in your shopping cart on the left-side of the screen. To view all items, press  button.

3.How do i remove an item from my shopping cart ?


To remove an item from your shopping cart, click the remove icon on the cart menu against the item. To increase or reduce the quantity of the item in the cart, change the quantity required and click ​.

4. How do I modify the quantity of a product in my shopping cart ?


This is same as the above query. To modify the shopping quantity, change the number and click ​.

5. How do I refresh my shopping cart ?


You could click on  to refresh your shopping cart. To empty the shopping cart, there are two ways. You could click on  after changing the quantity to "0" for each item, or click the ​ to remove the item from your cart. You could prepare a fresh list for purchase again, after removing the items you decide not to buy. 

6. How do I pay for my merchandise ?


You could pay by CASH ON DELIVERY or through Credit Visa, Mastercard SUBJECT TO PROPER AUTHORIZATION.

7. How do I know that STARCHIK has received my order ?


Once you place the final order, you will automatically receive an email confirming that your order was successfully submitted. Please ensure that the email address you provide is correct. Upon processing, we will send you an additional email message confirming your order with applicable taxes and DELIVERY CHARGES AS APPLICABLE.

8. What is Starchik's return policy and who do I contact regarding returns ?


Starchik's return policy is based on the following conditions including 1. Faulty delivery, 2. Order Error, 3. Received Wrong Item or 4. other specific reason that you find is genuine, for return of purchased item, based on which the item can be considered for return. Based on various considerations including prevalent situation, item condition, time taken to place return request, or any other genuine reasons, upon receipt of your email with the details of your merchandise and reason for return to: returns@starchik.com, your returns would be accepted.

9. Why should I register with Starchik before placing an order ?


By registering with us, you are leaving your contact details like email id, address for delivery, telephone number for SMS or personal communication on the order, to inform you on the order status asap. The registration also helps to inform you instantly, on the new products and offers we give to our esteemed customers.

10. How do I register an account with Starchik ?


To register a new account with Starchik, click on the "Create an account" link in the top menu on the page. Add the required details and click on submit button at the right side end of the page.

11. What if during check out my area is not listed. Why?


If your area is not listed in the drop-down, possibly your location not covered in our delivery zones. Please contact us with your location details so that we can suggest an alternate way or the nearest point to our deliver zones so that you could pick up the merchandise from the nearest point to your location.

12. How do I close the transaction made ?


Generally the transaction requires submission of your billing details, delivery details, method of delivery, any timeslot specification, payment methods and finally order confirmation. Once your order is placed an email is sent to you for confirmation. Once you receive the purchased items as per the order, your acceptance of the material and payment as per the agreed mode of payment completes the transaction.

13. Can I save time shopping online?

If you are shopping Online you have already saved time from a few critical time wasters like driving in traffic. 

You can shop whenever you want. Online stores are always open.

Unlike a regular mall store, in an online store you can find the items of your choice a lot faster, as the menu items are listed in the shopping cart. You can select the virtual items like samples for placing the final order.

14. Can I learn enough about the product I want to buy ?


"A picture is better than a thousand words", and all the items we deal with are delicacies that you are well aware of, which need no introduction. However along with items' picture , any specification you need can be obtained from our customer service section.

15. Is registration, or membership, primarily a convenience for the store, or for me ?

Very frankly, both. After the first purchase, you would like to place an order more often and more frequently, hence you would prefer that we retain your order details and deliver repeat order at a click of the button.

We would on the other hand extend any special offers and packages, designed for special occasions and seasons want to extend the facility to our regular and repeat customers. Its a Win-Win, in any which ways.

Once you register with us and store your billing and shipping details, online, when you come to purchase something, you may not have to retype all the information again. Also, Online shopping gives you the privilege to store the items for a purchase later-on.

16. Why do I have to create a user name and password ?


It is a virtual locker for you to store all information. When you place the next order online or over a telephone call to our customer support center, being a registered customer helps you to connect faster through the Login, user name and password.

17. Can I change my account information?


Yes, any time you want and, as and when you move between addresses, updating account information helps you to get the service from us from where ever you stay. It is your account and you may want to change email id, phone number, billing and delivery addresses and other details as per your convenience. It helps us deliver as per your convenience and comfort.

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