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Why To Buy Starchik

We don't just ensure a good quality product, we actually back this assurance with a money back guarantee on every Starchik pack that you buy. That's the confidence we have in our product line. Our trained sales staff is at your service, to realize your every need. We pay great attention to your feedback and your suggestions help us improve.

Here's why you should make Starchik a part of your everyday:

More white meat in chicken which means less cholesterol. 
Starchik ensures cutting and packing broilers with broader and meatier breast, also ensuring more value for money.

The money back guarantee. 
We could not have afforded to give guarantee on every pack, if we did not have high standards and strict quality parameters.

Healthy chicken for healthy families. 
We process only A grade live broiler with complete track record of their vaccinations and health monitoring programme.

Technology that gives you the freshest. 
The only brand which has proper cold chain to serve you fresh meat at your doorstep.

Safe packaging. 
Only food grade packing material, matching our quality standards is used to pack the poultry.

No freezing. 
We chill the poultry, ensuring greater freshness and taste.

Because you want only the best for your family!

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