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We are Starchik, one of the largest privately owned processors and sellers of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian products in Hyderabad. We regularly offer the goodness and convenience of our product to thousands of families in Hyderabad, with the number increasing everyday. Consistently superior quality and immaculate customer service are the reason Starchik enjoys such a loyal customer base today.
Starchik started with a thought.
The reason home delivery of food products has become so popular is that a lot of people like good food in the comfort of their own homes. We thought about this and realized something. Sure, the convenience of professionally prepared meals delivered to your doorstep has become popular, but a lot of the time, you place an order and it takes a while to get there. All you can do in the meanwhile is wait. Getting hungrier by the minute. 
Starchik has worked for years to achieve what we believe are some of the best recipes in the market. We use only the best ingredients and the highest quality of meat to ensure we offer the best to our customers. A recipe is in the pipeline for months, going through trial after trial until it is ready. Then we send it out to our favorite customers to taste, make the changes they suggest, and start over again. We maintain consistency, a delectable taste, and an undying loyalty to you, our customer. With Starchik you’ll open your fridge and find the chef of a star hotel inside, ready to give you your favorite dish at a moment’s notice. A few thousand families in Hyderabad already experience this, and we’d like to share it with you.
Starchik offers something for everyone.
We have Ready-To-Cook meats and vegetables portioned into quantities that we think you’ll like. These are especially made for those who love cooking. You’ll see that there is no wastage, no unnecessary by-products, and barely any cutting required.
We have an entire Pre-Spiced range that we’ve designed for those who work all day, like us. All of these can go from the freezer to your plate in under 5 minutes. We have perfected the recipes and used the best ingredients so that there is no doubt that you are eating something that can easily be placed on the menu of any five star restaurant out there.
Our latest product line is Heat & Eat. We cut it, spice it, and cook it. All you do is throw it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’ll see why we are so proud to serve it. The smell alone will delight you. We just ask that you wait till it’s hot to enjoy it to the fullest!
Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, we offer the finest Hyderabadi Desserts. 
Whether it is an impressive dinner, mid day meal, or an evening snack, Starchik is what you can be sure of. Today, Starchik is a household brand.
Shubh Singh

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